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You can find the balance in recovery you need. As you get going, keep a simple chart or use an app that tracks your progress. Bethenny Frankel is undeniably the breakout star of The Real Housewives franchise. More than a decade later, Bethenny is ready to rehash, revisit and rewatch the most iconic episodes from all of your favorite cities.

Is life better when you’re sober?

Substance abuse causes damage to every organ in the human body, causing progressive harm the longer the addiction continues. Long-term substance abuse can also cause chronic medical conditions and potentially fatal diseases. As you progress in your sobriety, your overall health will begin to improve.

It is natural to think that by quitting drinking, these problems will finally go away. Eventually, the stable people in our lives move on and are replaced by people just as dysfunctional as us. This brings more drama and chaos. I am definitely approaching that time frame.

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We’re stuck in a miserable job and have lost hope that anything can change. As someone who writes a self-help blog, I struggle with the self-help world. I used to binge on self-help books with a similar tenacity that I binged on Jack Daniels. I was reading book after book , trying to change every aspect of myself. I started to project my newfound “enlightenment” onto others, trying to change them. There are millions of other people in recovery, all at different stages, and many are having a bad day just like you are. There is a lot of stuff to process as you build your life in recovery every day, and that isn’t always going to be easy.

The saying goes that your worst day in sobriety is better than your best day in addiction. When I was drinking, I was dreaming of doing stuff.

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Yes, asking for help was already listed, but it is so important that it is worth repeating. Getting through recovery’s ups and downs requires you to do more than just occasionally show up and interact with people who may be able to support you.

  • In a coroner’s report, the word “undetermined” is used to describe the cause or manner of death when there’s insufficient evidence to lend a more specific classification.
  • The actually recovery process of sobriety starts to get better around the 3-6 month mark, but the psychological recovery can take even longer.
  • Adios to women who post before and after pics where their “before” picture looks better than me at my fittest.
  • You’ll reach a point where you accept that there are some difficulties ahead of you, but you’re not afraid of them.

That’s why having support systems in place is so critical to your sobriety sucks success. You can’t grit your teeth and bear this sort of thing.

Do better things with your time.

… I’m not proud of it, but it’s in my genes. Maybe you’ve been more positive lately. Or perhaps you had a bad day and managed to handle it in a healthier way, and now you feel really good about that.

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