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The term “wignat” refers to a white nationalist who is inferior or degenerate, implying that they are no better than an African American in the alt-right’s view. It is used reddit glossary for example by the polo-shirt set of racists to criticize skinheads, Klansmen, and other “less reputable” racists who puncture the movement’s veneer of reputability.

Brands collect that content through contests, branded hashtags, or simply reaching out to ask permission. When brands reshare that content with their own followers, they’re implementing a UGC campaign. A troll is a social media user who makes deliberately offensive or annoying postings with the sole aim of provoking other users. A trending topic or hashtag is one that is popular on reddit glossary social media at a given moment. Trends are highlighted by social networks such as Twitter and Facebook to encourage discussion and engagement among their users. The “trending” concept was first popularized by Twitter and has since been adopted by other networks. The trends that you see on Twitter and Facebook are based on your location, who you follow, and the content you like.

A large number of comments shows that your post is engaging and may boost its position in the newsfeed based on a social network’s algorithm. Click-through rate, abbreviated CTR, is a measure of how many people who view a social reddit glossary post, ad, or other piece of content click through to read more, buy, or take some other action. It’s a useful metric because it measures how effectively your social content drives people to your owned web properties.

Spam is unnecessary, unwanted, or repetitive content that clogs inboxes and clutters social media feeds. The term “spam” has been used to refer to junk messages since the earliest days of the Internet. Sentiment is a way reddit glossary of describing the way people feel about your brand on social media. Rather than just measuring the number of posts or engagements related to your brand, it captures the feelings and attitude contained in those posts.

reddit glossary

Liking content also works like bookmarking, since you can go back later to view the content you have Liked. Impressions is a metric that counts how many times an ad or promoted posts is fetched from the server and displayed on a social network. For example, one social media user might have the same ad appear in their newsfeed multiple times over a certain period. A feed is an updated list of all the new content posted by the accounts a user follows on social media. Rather than being purely chronological, most social media feeds are controlled by an algorithm. A social media dashboard is a tool that allows marketers and social media managers to manage all of their social platforms from one screen. A dashboard allows its users to schedule, post, view, and respond to both organic and paid social posts, and to create analytics reports.

How To Navigate The Social Media Glossary

  • Scheduling involves planning social media updates and content ahead of time using a social media management platform or other publishing tool.
  • Scheduling saves time by allowing users to draft several messages at once, often as part of a publishing approval process or larger marketing campaign.
  • Geotags can expose your posts to more people, since content is often searchable by location.
  • A geotag is a specific location added to a photo, video, or other social media post.
  • It also enables posts to be timed for audiences in various time zones.
  • Engagement rate is a measure of how many people interact with your social media content.

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A check-in is a way of location tagging a social media post to indicate where the user is, or where the content in the post was created. It’s a way of showing followers that you have physically visited a geographical location or event. It can be particularly useful to check in at large, high-profile events, since it can help people connect in the real world while also providing credibility and demonstrating that you’re an insider in your industry. A white person who appears to emulate aspects of – often stereotypical – African American culture. It was initially used strictly in a cultural sense in the 1990s.

What Is A Subreddit?

reddit glossary

It is increasingly used moronically ironically to refer to white people who hate African American culture, or African Americans in general. It is also used in compound reddit glossary forms, such as “wignat” (“wigger nationalist”), indistinguishable in practice from “white nationalist”, especially since the Clown World motif came into use.

Ads are always identifiable by a label that says “sponsored” or “promoted,” but other than this native ads look just like organic social content. It’s a quick way of showing that reddit glossary you—literally—like the content posted by simply clicking a button. On Facebook, the Like button is a thumbs-up, while on Instagram and Twitter, a Like is indicated by a heart.

Shoah (“catastrophe” or “calamity”) is the Hebrew term used since the 1940s to describe the Holocaust. Alt-right website The Right Stuff has a podcast called The Daily Shoah, its name being both a play on The Daily Show and a deliberately offensive reference to the Holocaust. In alt-right circles, shoahed or shoah’d essentially means “shut down”, and usually refers to the suspension of an alt-righter’s social media account. Pridefall, often preceded by a hashtag symbol (#), was an alt-right campaign begun in June 2020, coinciding with that year’s Pride Month, aimed against LGBTQ+ social media users. The links, if clicked, could reveal the IP addresses of members of sexual minorities. This information could then be used for doxing or other targeted harassment.

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